Weekly Updates

This week we will be focusing on feeling safe to share different traditions we have while also monitoring our feelings. 

We are off to a great start with our guided reading groups!
Our FUNdations focus for this week is Unit 7 week 2:
Words with glued sounds (ink, ank, onk, unk) 
Review Words: chop, fan, puffs
Trick Words: two, put, by(your kiddo needs to be able read, write, and spell these words)
Current Words: pink, thank, honk
Sentence: The cat got a chunk of fish

At home when you read with your kiddo, have them try and retell the story they read to you or the story you read to them :). This will help their comprehension so much!

PLEASE make sure your kiddo's book bag comes back daily with their reading homework!  Thanks for your help in making reading a success for your kiddo!

Reading Strategies

Expository Writing Level 4

We have worked up to completely independent writing on our own!  This week we will do everything on the photo below and will be assessed on a rubric :)

Level 4 Writing

This week we will continue Topic 5:Work with addition and subtraction equations

Link to Home to School Letter
Social Studies PBL:
Around the Table Around the World
Holiday traditions celebrated around the world.  Our classroom elf will be traveling around the world to help us learn more about different traditions.  We will have our own passports and suitcases as we travel :)