Weekly Updates

In SEL we are working on controlling impulsive behavior and learning patience. 
We are having a great time reading REAL books in person :). We will continue reading groups all week.  Please make sure that your kiddo brings their book (s) back each day in their SHARK folder.
Here is a link to our reading strategy friends.

In Fundations, we will begin Unit 8 which deals with blends and r controlled vowels.
REVIEW TRICK WORDS: sock, jam, which
NEW TRICK WORDS:  would, could, should
NEW WORDS: flip, camp, test
We will continue to work on using the language for "sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line."
Below is a picture to show you which line is which :). We know the language well now, we will just work hard on making sure we use our writing lines :)
Writing Lines
This week we will continue working on Expository Writing.  For this unit, we are forming an opinion statement, giving three reasons to support our statement, and using transition words (first, next, last.)
We will also continue working on how to make a closing sentence.

We will be using this structure of writing to write about a person in our life that we feel belongs on the first Grade Wall of Fame!

Topic 4: Subtraction within 20
Vocab / Language used: 
Count on to subtract, count back to subtract, part-part whole, fewer, less, subtract. 
Animal Adaptations