Weekly Updates

This week we will be focusing on how it is okay to make mistakes because they help us learn!  We will also discuss risk taking in and out of the classroom.  Finally, we will be diving into how our actions can be a domino effect for those around us and we will practice spreading kindness and positivity!

We are off to a great start with our guided reading groups!
Our FUNdations focus for this week is Unit 3 week 1:
Tapping out words with digraphs (th, ch, sh, wh, ck) :)
Trick Words: as, has, into (your kiddo needs to be able read, write, and spell these words)
Current Words: fish, math, chop
Sentence: Which fish did Tom get?  Make sure the T in Tom is capital since it is a name :)

At home when you read with your kiddo, have them try and retell the story they read to you or the story you read to them :). This will help their comprehension so much!

PLEASE make sure your kiddo's book bag comes back daily with their reading homework!  Thanks for your help in making reading a success for your kiddo!

Reading Strategies
This week in writing, we will continue Expository writing in Level 2. This week we will be adding pronouns to our tree maps.  Below you can find pictures of our process:) 

Level 2 Week 2 Day 1
The kiddos help me to describe Mr. Dan to help me put a circle map and tree map together.
Level 2 Week 1 Day 1

Level 1 Week 2 Day 2
The kiddos use the tree map to tap out and write their sentences.  The first sentence starts with Mr. Dan and the second will start with He.  We alternate to make our writing more varied. 
Levell 2 Week 1 Day 2

Level 2 Week 2 Day 3
The kiddos will receive this paper and will need to fill in the tree map and then write their sentences.  This is done all independently!
Level 2 Week 1 Day 3 writing

This week we will begin Topic 2: Fluently add and subtract within 10

Link to Home to School Letter
Link to Vocabulary Word Cards
We will work on using ten frames to add and subtract.  We will also learn that it doesn't matter what order you add in but it does matter that you "start with the big guy" when you subtract. 
We will continue with our science unit on the patterns in the sky! I will update our website as we navigate through  this unit :)