Weekly Updates

In SEL we will be learning about different ways to calm the brain.  We will focus on Belly Breathing and Mindfulness.  In PBL we will continue our "We have Pack PRIDE". We will learn what it means to be polite, responsible, have integrity, show determination, and show empathy.   Our focus this week will be on integrity.

This week in reading, we will be starting guided reading groups.  We will be working with "Lips the Fish" and "Stretchy Snake" to sound out unknown words. 
Here is a link to our reading strategy friends.

We will continue to work on short vowel sounds and word families.

In Fundations, we will be working on the letters e,r,p, and j.  We will work on using the language for "sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line."
Below is a picture to show you which line is which :)
Writing Lines
This week in writing we work on week three of our three day process of observational/comment writing.  We willl be using circle maps and three maps to form three sentences.   Our circle maps are used to tell everything we know about something.  We then take that information and transfer it to a tree map to sort it out and then at the end of the week we will form our sentences together.  It will be just like our Friday writing broken down in to stages we will do the complete writing on Friday.

This week in math we will be working on subtraction. 

Part-part-whole, add, plus, sum, equal
subtract, take away, minus, how many are left