Weekly Updates

We will continue on improving our listening skills.  This week we will continue using the "I heard you say" conversation starter.  We will be practicing active listening during read alouds as well. 

We continue to work in small guided reading groups.  We are working on building our fluency so that we can read like we talk. 
Here is a link to our reading strategy friends.

In Fundations, we will continue with Unit 11 which focuses on vowel-consonant- words (rope, joke, pole).  We will talk about how the e at the end it jumps over and tickles the vowel before it to make it say its long vowel sound. 
REVIEW TRICK WORDS: tune, dime, hope
NEW TRICK WORDS: none, nothing, each
NEW WORDS: flame, pride, grape
We will continue to work on using the language for "sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line."
Below is a picture to show you which line is which :). We know the language well now, we will just work hard on making sure we use our writing lines :)
Writing Lines
This week we will start working on informational writing.  We will be using circle maps and tree maps to help organize our thinking.  We will brainstorm using circle maps, organize using tree maps and then write:). 

Topic8: Understanding Place Value
Vocab / Language used: 
tens, ones, break apart, place value chart

Once Upon a First Grade Year: Using fairy tale reader's theater plays to build reading fluency. 

Patterns in the sky. (day, night, stars, moon, sun...)