Weekly Updates

In SEL we will be working on the effects of kindness.  We will also talk about and participate in random acts of kindness.  
We will continue to have guided reading groups :) I will be able to read with each kiddo each day.  This week our phonics focus is on blends. 
Here is a link to our reading strategy friends.

In Fundations, we will begin unit 3.  In this unit, we will work on continuing to tap out the sounds of words that include digraphs.   We will also continue to "sweep" our sentences to build our fluency.
REVIEW TRICK WORDS: the, a, and, is, his, of
NEW TRICK WORDS:  as, has, to, into
We will continue to work on using the language for "sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line."
Below is a picture to show you which line is which :). We know the language well now, we will just work hard on making sure we use our writing lines :)
Writing Lines
This week we will begin our next unit in writing.  Through this unit, we will be able to add adjectives to our sentences. Your kiddo will be creating three combined sentences using both pronouns and adjectives. 

This week we will start Topic 2 in math.  In this topic, we will be learning to add and subtract within to. 
number line, doubles fact, near doubles fact, count back.