Weekly Updates

This week we will be diving into setting goals for ourselves in school/ at school.  They may be academic or not, and they will be our own goals.  We will be making our own paper "quilts" to illustrate our goals. These "quilts" will be hung together in the hallway to show that we all have our own small part in what we do, but together we can achieve more and come together to support one another. 

Guided reading groups will start this week.  Your kiddo will be coming home with a book in their yellow SHARK folder Monday-Thursday each week. Please just take the time to read these at home and RETURN THEM IMMEDIATELY!  We will work on two books a week, day one will be to decode and read, and day two will be used to build fluency and comprehension. It is SO IMPORTANT that you return the books each day in the yellow SHARK folder so that your kiddo can be successful in our daily reading groups!


This week we will begin our first day of Level 2 Observational/Comment writing.  Your kiddo will be working hard on the following areas:
* Brainstorming topics (people to write about)
* Help create a circle map about a chosen topic
* Help create a tree map about our chosen topic
* ADD PRONOUNS to our tree map
*Help write sentences from our tree map.
Pictures will come soon to show what we are working on :)


In Math we will begin Topic 2: Fluently Add and Subtract within 10 

Topic 2 Home Letter

Topic 2 Vocabulary Cards


Catch the WAVE!

We will be learning about sound and light waves.  Vocab and conversation topics coming soon!

SEA Log Back and Forth Binders Coming Next week! (These will be daily back and forth binders to serve so many purposes and make your life easier)