Star Sudent

Twinkle, Twinkle, You're A STAR!!

                               STAR Student

Star Student: Your child will be our superstar for one week. I will send home a letter in their folder letting you know when it is your child's week. The sheet lets you know what to do and on what day. I have picked the kids in random order. I try to pick weeks that have 5 days and we do not have a lot going on. I want them to have a whole week to feel special. We do not have any repeat students.


Example of a letter that will go home sometime this year. You will get a letter in your child's folder when

it is their turn. 

Congratulations!_______________________ has been chosen the “STAR STUDENT” for next week. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate your child! He/She is a very important member of our class and deserves recognition. The week will be filled with fun for the “STAR Student.” The honor of being line leader will be his/hers for the entire week. Below are the special things your child will do on a particular day. Have fun!


Monday~ Share poster~ Your child can use a piece of poster board and add family photos, writing, and/or illustrations, stickers, magazine cut-outs, etc, to decorate the poster. Names of family members, location of birth, and any other special things you would like to add are great. Interesting facts about your child are fun to add. For example, favorite color, food, things to do, book, pets, sports, toys. Be creative!


Wednesday~ Read/Donate a book to the class library~ I will read or he/she can read aloud the book they bring to class. If your child would like to donate the book to our class library, please send a note with the book. The book can be new or used. It is also optional to donate the book. If your child would like me to read his/her favorite story but would like to donate another book, that would be great. Please send me a note if the book is to go back home with your child.


Friday~ We will celebrate your child by writing a letter to them. The letters will be collected and sent home for your child to keep.

Thanks for helping us celebrate your STAR Student! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.



Jessica Petau 

[email protected]