Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend! 

We had a fun week learning about the 4 seasons, fire safety, and the Timber Trail Trot! Thank you for all your support, help, and donations! I was so proud of my class. They had determination, fun, and joy during the run. I loved watching them out there. Way to go TEAM PETAU!!! Class picture below. 

Friendly Reminders/"Happenings"
Reading Homework:On Monday I will include a paper book we read in class. The kids were practicing the sight word "my." They are practicing pointing to each word as they read (not skipping or adding words) and writing and reading our sight words. These books can stay at home. You can save them and use them as a familiar read with your student.
Fun Activity Link to store books from school. (This is optional)

Star Student: Each week I will pick a student (at random) to be our Student of the Week. When it is your student's turn, I will send home a notebook with all the information you will need. Thanks so much!





Topic 4 - Compare numbers 0 to 10


Letters "p" and "j." We will work on identifying the letters, the sound(s), and correctly write upper and lowercase.


"Skyline" letters - t, b, f, d,

"Plane" line letters - a, s, c, o, m, n, u, i, r, e

"Worm" letters - g, j, p

Sight Word(s)






Weekly Music Link

Petau Art Update

Library - Tuesdays

Star Student


Brain Break

Here is a song we sing to help us remember the seasons of the year.  LINK






18  No School / Fall Break; 10/18-22

26  Timberwolf Trot Prize - Kona Ice for all students



1    No School / Staff Professional Development Day

2    CogAt testing for 5th Grade

8    PTO Meeting (Virtual)

10  Freddy’s Fundraiser evening (Castle Rock location)

22  No School - Thanksgiving Break (11/22-26) 




What an amazing event!!!  The Timberwolf Trot was such a great success thanks to you and your student’s hard work.  The kids had so much fun Thursday running our loop!!  Thank you to all of our volunteers who made the event run so smoothly and cheered on all the students.  Also, thank you to all of the Timber Trail staff for your continued support and encouragement.

We raised a TOTAL of $46,695!!!  Exceeding our goal by $21,695!!!  The students will enjoy Kona Ice on Tuesday, October 26th during the last recess to celebrate reaching our school’s goal.

In addition, Team WardBrown raised the most funds during the Timberwolf Trot and will enjoy a Pizza Party on Monday, October 11th.  Below are the finally totals for all classes:

Hastings $2,815

Petau $4,150

Onken $1,840

Schade $3,470

Hess $3,295

Wilson $3,380

Jester $3,270

McCluskey $2,920

Pringle $4,440

Proctor $3,040

Smith $3,605

WardBrown $4,475

Williams $2,595

Have a wonderful Sunday,