Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The kids had a  great first week back. They were happy to see each other, share what they did over break, and get back to our routines. :) January is one of my favorite times of the year with the kids. They have settled in, know our rules/routines, and become more independent. I can’t wait to see what they do this year!

NEW Reading Homework: Please Read

*Starting this week your child will be bringing home a reading book for the week. These books are from my classroom. I have provided a cover sheet with instructions for you to use at home. This homework is not meant to be stressful. I want to build confidence in these young readers. If it becomes a struggle, take the night off and try the next day. Please pick a time to read with your child that works for your family. This can be in the morning, evening, waiting in the car, etc. 

*Books will go home on Mondays and return on Fridays. Please keep the books in the reading bags I have provided. This will help with damages and lost books. 

*New books will come home on Mondays. If books/bags are not returned, no new books will be sent home. Please return books on Friday so that I can check the books back in.

*I pick the books based on our reading group skill/level. Some books will be easy and some will be a challenge. Some will work on fluency, retell, confidence, or challenge them to use a new reading strategy we worked on in group. I will mix the books coming home depending on my work from the previous week in small groups. 

*As always, please do what works best for your family and child. Homework should be no longer than 10 minutes per day. 


If you want to mix in sight word work versus reading for the night, this could be a helpful break during the week. 

THIS WEEK: 1/9/22




Chapter 8 - Addition and Subtraction to 5.  Mixed operations.


Here are links to the reading strategies we use in class. I use these during our small reading groups.



*Reading homework links below*


We are working on drawing a picture with five or more details.  Students are writing simple sentences using the sight words we learned.  If they do not know how to spell a word they are stretching out the sounds they know to create their words. 

Sight Word(s)

Please practice reading and writing sight words. List and sight word cards went home before break. 

Sight Word Lists



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Brain Break

Read  Alouds

Snowman Freeze - brain break 

Escape Into Winter - brain  break

Snowmen at Night  - read aloud

Snowmen at Work- read aloud

Weekly Homework and


New reading books will be coming home this week. These are my books that I am sending home. Please keep the books in the reading bag so that they are not lost or damaged. Reading books will stay at home Monday - Thursday. They need to be returned on FRIDAYS. New books will not be sent home unless they are returned from the previous week. I will send home a cover letter, tips/tricks, and questions  to ask your child nightly. This should not be a stressful time. I want to build their confidence and passion for reading. If it becomes a struggle, take the night off and try tomorrow. :)

Reading Suggestion Link

Reading Strategy Template

Comprehension Questions

Comprehension Questions 2




10 PTO Meeting (Virtual)

17  No School / Martin Luther King Jr. Day