Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great long weekend! It is so nice to have some warm weather! 

This week we started our book series on “What If…” books. We read What if You Had Animal Teeth, Ears, and Feet this week. Please ask your child their favorite book and animal we learned about? We have learned some very fun and cool facts!


No School:

A friendly reminder there will be no school on the 25th. 

Class Pets:

We released our ladybugs last week and are patiently waiting while our 12 caterpillars bloom into butterflies. I will keep you posted!


Field Day:

Field Day is scheduled for May 4th. We will be going in the afternoon. The afternoon session will run from 12:45-3:00 for Grades K, 1, 2. All are welcome to join us outside and cheer the kids on. Mrs. Johnston is also looking for volunteers to help out on Field day. Link included below.

Field Day Volunteers Needed.  Please open this LINK for volunteer information and an attached sign up form.

Petau End of the Year Party:

We will be celebrating our end of the year party on Friday, May 20th. We will meet outside by the bus loop at 11:40p.m.-12:40p.m. for lunch. All parents and siblings are welcome to join us. More information will be coming home soon.

Reading Books - Homework:

You will find 2 paper books this week. One book goes with our unit and the other book we read in small groups. We talked about sight words, prepositional words, and reading the whole sentence…not guessing. 

In addition, I am sending home a retell stick we use/made in class. This is a fun tool to help with retelling the important events in a story. This is theirs to keep. They had fun making it and a fun way to answer questions from the story. 

Any paper readers, sight word lists, or paper books from class are yours to keep. If books are too hard, please read them to your child. It is important for them to hear what fluent readers sound like. 

Reading Tips: If the book is too hard...

1. Find sight words

2. What was the book about?

3. Can you make a self to text connection?

4. What was your favorite part of the book?

5. Was there a problem that was solved in the book. 


The Health Room desperately needs donations of socks, undergarments, and pants and/or shorts for our boys and girls aged 5-8.  If you have a few items that would fit grades K-2 and would like to drop them off for the Health Room so we have items for students to change into when needed, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


THIS WEEK: 4/24/22


What If… 

We will continue our “What If” reading series. We will be learning about a variety of animals and their amazing “super powers.” We will also be talking about habitats. Students' end project will be to make up their own animal and habitat. 

(Book links below)


Chapter 14 - Measurement - Test

Begin our unit on money. We will work on identifying coins,  how much they are  worth, and talk about the presidents on the coins. 


This week we will be learning about animals and their habitats. We will be writing about animals and making real world connections. 

In reading we are working on looking at the WHOLE word and not guessing at the first sound/letter. 

In reading groups we are working on comprehension/retell of the story and looking at the whole word and not guessing at the first letter. 


We will incorporate our writing with our animal science unit. 

 We are working on creating a complete sentence with sounds, spaces, and punctuation. 

Sight Word(s)

Where, who, when, what, why

Please practice reading and writing sight words. List and sight word cards went home before break. 

Sight Word Lists



Lunch Menu



Lunch Link

Star Student

We are done for the year. Thank you for sharing your students! I have loved learning about them. 

Weekly Homework and


Here are links to the reading strategies we use in class. I use these during our small reading groups.



Reading Suggestion Link

Reading Strategy Template

Comprehension Questions

Comprehension Questions 2


PTO April Minutes

TTE NEWS - April 21, 2022



22  No School

25  No School / Staff Professional Development



02  PTO Meeting (Virtual) 9:00 am 

04  Outdoor Ed for 5th Grade (5/4-6)

04  Field Day

25  Last Day for Students