8/15/2021 - Sunday Snapshot

Happy Sunday,
I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I hope your kiddos got some time to relax, catch up on sleep, and enjoy your family time! This weekend we were busy with sports and family events. 
I look forward to week two with my kindies. It was so fun and exciting to have my whole class! Thank you for your patience, support, and help as we work out the "bumps" of the beginning of the year!  
This Week:

Color Week and Pete the Cat Series
Color Week:
This week we will learn/review colors. An information sheet went home last week in Thursday folders. Each day your child is invited to join us in wearing the color of the day. Dressing up is optional.
Monday: RED 
Tuesday: BLUE
Wednesday: PICTURE DAY
Thursday: GREEN
Friday: PURPLE and/or BLACK
Friendly Reminders: Thank you for reading my long emails. I know there is a lot of information coming home. :)
Morning Drop Off: We will now follow the TTE master schedule. Doors will open at 8:20 a.m. The Tardy bell will ring at 8:30a m. Students will walk (on their own) through the front doors. I will be waiting for them outside my door.  There will also be a lot of staff outside to help.
Red Folder: Please return everyday. Please take out all the materials inside.
Thursday Folder: Please return on Fridays.
Snacks: Please pack a minimum of snacks for your child.They will eat twice in the classroom. Please keep snacks separated from lunch boxes. The lunch bin will not be in our room.
Lunch: Please label lunch boxes. We have 22 lunch boxes going in the lunch bin and have duplicates. :)
Water bottles: Please pack a labeled water bottle daily.
Toys: Please no toys. 
Transportation: If you have a change in your child's transportation, please email me and call the front office. Thank you!
Back To School: I have linked our kindergarten presentation. Thank you for checking it out. It is also located on my website (link below).

At Home Volunteers:If you would like to volunteer to help me with "at home" projects. Please email me. Thank you if you signed up on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful Sunday,