Happy Sunday!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed your family time. This weekend we had a soccer tournament, football, and celebrated my son's 13th birthday! 
Thank you for all your help, support, emails, and patience as we get the year started. I am very proud of my kindies! This week we are working on talking less, raising their hand, working on center rotations, and enjoying school!
Hot Lunch: This week your child can get a hot lunch from the cafeteria or continue to bring lunch from home. I have included the lunch link below. Hot lunch is free. :)
Color Week: We will continue color week next week. I have loved watching them in their colors! 
Monday: Orange 
Tuesday: Yellow and/or Gray
Wednesday: Pink and/or White
Thursday: Favorite Color
Friday: Favorite Color
Theme/Unit: Colors and Rhyming
Math: Begin Chapter 1. Continue to practice writing numbers 1-10. Starting numbers at the top. 
Literacy: Letters T and B. We will work on the sounds the letters make and correctly write upper and lowercase. I sent home a letter in Thursday folders about how letters will be formed. We will go top to bottom (sky line to grass line)
Thinking Map: Bubble and Circle Map
Specials: ART - Here is the ART LINK for next week. THIS WEEK IN ART....Welcome back!!!
               PE - Here is LAST week's update for PE - Here is thePE Newsfor KG.
Friendly Reminders:

Masks:   As a reminder, on Monday students will be required to wear a face mask. If you have any questions regarding the new policy please reach out to Ms. Radke. Thank you in advance for help, cooperation, and patience. Please send extra masks in your student backpack. Thank you!
Folders: Please return Thursday folders and red folders daily.
Water Bottles: Please send daily and labeled with your child;s name.
Snacks: Please keep seperate from lunch. Lunch bins go to the cafeteria.

TTE NEWS - AUGUST 20, 2021



6    No School / Holiday

10  Mother/Son Kickball Tournament; Coyote Ridge Park at 4:00 pm

13  Timber Trail PTO Meeting; Virtual at 9:00 am

24  No School / Professional Development

Have a wonderful Sunday,