Happy Sunday!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We enjoyed my son's football game and my daughter's soccer game. I hope you got some nice family time this weekend too! 

On Friday we had a fun pirate themed day! We made flow maps (treasure maps), created "friendSHIPS", and practiced our letter sounds like a pirate. :) Please ask  your child about being a part of my crew and what they got out of my treasure chest? :)

The kids did a VERY nice job being bucket fillers! I saw them being compassionate, sharing, listening to one another, and helping each other. I will encourage bucket filling the rest of the year. I am proud of my bucket fillers! 


Theme/Unit: Fall and Bucket Filling
Math: Topic 2 test will be given and sent home this week. We will begin Topic 3 - 
Literacy: Letters "a" and "g." We will work on identifying the letters, the sound(s) the letters make, and correctly write upper and lowercase. These are "Magic C" letters.
Writing: The letters a,c, o, n, m, i and u are  "plane" line letters. They will begin at the "plane" line and stop at the "grass" line. The letter "g" is a plane line and goes into the "worms."                                                               Writing Paper Template Link
Sight Word(s): see
Thinking Map: Flow Map, Tree Map, Circle, and Bubble Map                                                          Thinking Maps Template Link
Specials: Music News
                Art News
Star Student: Carlisle     
Brain Break: Here is a fun pirate brain break we did in class.  LINK

Friendly Reminders/"Happenings":

No School for Kids: Friday the 24th

Timber Trail Trot:
On Thursday you received information about our TTE fundraiser. This is a fun event all students will participate in. There are fun days, events, and prizes your child can earn along the way. I want to personally thank you in advance for your donations. The funds will go back to the school and classrooms. I look forward to celebrating with my class and look forward to a fun trot! 
*Parent letter below*

TTE Trot Permission Slip: Thank you for turning in your Timber Trail Trot permission slip. I will need these signed and returned in order for your child to participate. The trot is on October 7th. Thank you! 

Reading Homework: On Monday I will include a paper book we read in class. The kids were practicing the sight word "can." They are practicing pointing to each word as they read (not skipping or adding words) and writing and reading our sight words. These books can stay at home. You can save them and use them as a familiar read with your student.
Fun Activity Link to store books from school. (This is optional)

Star Student: Each week I will pick a student (at random) to be our Student of the Week. When it is your student's turn, I will send home a notebook with all the information you will need. Thanks so much!





TTE NEWS - September 17, 2021



20 Crazy Hair Day (If registered for the TTE Trot)

23  Parry’s Pizza PTO Fundraiser

24  No School / Professional Development



4    Timber Trail PTO Meeting at 9:00 am (Virtual)   

6    Walk or Bike to School Day 

7    Timberwolf Trot (School fundraiser)

8    Picture Retake day

18  No School / Fall Break; 10/18-22

Have a wonderful Sunday,