Happy Sunday!!!
I hope you all had a great long weekend! 
This week we will continue our PBL unit on "Family" and "All About Me."  I have loved getting to know more about my students and all of you! 
No School: Monday the 6th.
Theme/Unit: All About Me and Family Ties (Our first PBL unit) 
Math: Chapter 2 will be introduced. We will continue to rotate through math centers and dive deeper in ways to show a numeral. 
Literacy: Letters "i" and "u". We will work on identifying the letters, the sound(s) the letters make, and correctly write upper and lowercase. I will introduce "vowels."
Writing: The letters n, m, i and u are  "plane" line letters. They will begin at the "plane" line and stop at the "grass" line. Writing Paper Template Link
Sight Word(s): go
Thinking Map: Tree Map, Circle, and Bubble Map  - Thinking Maps Template Link
Specials: P.E. - Please send P.E. shoes    
Star Student: Colby     
Brain Break: Here is a fun brain break we do in class. The kids love it! Have them show you what they can do!  Milkshake Link
Friendly Reminders/"Happenings":

Baby Picture - Family Homework:Thank you for turning in your child's baby pictures and how they got their name. I have loved reading them and sharing them with the class! I have some VERY cute kiddos!! Homework went home last Monday.

Optional Math Homework: This week you will find some extra math practice pages. This is a review of topic one. Directions for the questions can be found at the bottom of the page. We have been working on topic one for the last two weeks and will be taking the end of the unit assessment this week. In class we apply differentiated lessons, use manipulatives, practice number writing (top to bottom) and work on how to show numbers in a variety of ways. We want them to have a strong understanding of math and to explain their thinking. Again, this is optional and only a review. It will not be graded.

Star Student: Each week I will pick a student (at random) to be our Student of the Week. When it is your student's turn, I will send home a notebook with all the information you will need. Thanks so much!




6    No School / Holiday

10  Mother/Son Kickball Tournament; Coyote Ridge Park at 4:00 pm

13  Timber Trail PTO Meeting; Virtual at 9:00 am

24  No School / Professional Development

Have a wonderful Sunday,