This week in PE

Halloween II continued,  beginning thanksgiving activities and getting ready for World Stack Up  ! day on November 17th, 2022. 

Been a whirl wind time in the gym on this rotation. We finished off Halloween activities by participating in  variety of tag games such as Zombie tag or Infection or Ghost Tag. Grade Level Halloween Stations involved a variety of throwing, catching and/or  striking skills; eg. K-1 used juggling scarves to catch 1 or 2 ghosts! Grades 2-3 used hand striking skills on balloons on Witch Volley Game (using spooky black balloons); Grades 4-5 instead used under-over-side arm throwing patterns at Jack Pumpkin/Ghost targets or bowling skills to knock down Ghost-Pins. Collaborative tasks involved building Haunted Towers or Haunted Houses using a variety of cups and cardboard spools.  Students also learned fun facts about the Human Skeleton and participated on team relays in which they had to build a skeleton  collaboratively in each of their teams ! Given that Thanksgiving is approaching we also began a variety of Thanksgiving work outs: simple work outs of the lower elementary grades and more challenging ones for the upper grades.  Today we also began to prepare the children for World Stack Up Day: introducing the children to the event and teaching them how to use mats, timers and perform relay events.  Additionally since we have now transitioned to November, I have introduced the BEE of the Month : BEE THANKFUL as the behavior trait. Learning to be thankful and grateful for our blessings is a positive mindset for a happy life !