Mad Science

Outside activities/clubs are not happening in the school this year, but we hope to resume them in the 21-22 School Year.

These hands-on, one-hour science programs are themed around a particular area of science and include such topics as rocketry, magnets, chemistry, electricity, polymers and even the science of toys. Children watch spectacular demonstrations, engage in exciting hands-on activities, participate in inquiry-based discussions and work on interesting take-home projects.  Mad Science before and after-school enrichment offers children a chance to see just how cool science can be!

Mad Science Enrichment Programs…

* are hands-on and inquiry-based

* meet national and state science curriculum standards

* are held right at the school, no transportation required

* are led by trained, qualified and dynamic instructors

* use unique equipment and original materials

* are age-appropriate and loved by children

* offer parents a great alternative to traditional daycare

* are easy to plan and hassle-free to run

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