Your response to our Timberwolf Trot fundraiser was absolutely unbelievable!  Our amazing students raised the incredible amount of $46,695, far surpassing our original goal of $25,000.  The weather was beautiful and it was great to see so many of you at the event.  The students had so much fun during the Timberwolf Trot and enjoyed a popsicle afterwards.  


We would like to thank our PTO, especially Claire Bryant and Jessie Fitzgerald, for their hard work organizing and executing this event.  Funds raised will be used to purchase 50 new chromebooks, upgrade other technology throughout the building, purchase reading materials and online support materials and to supplement our librarian’s salary.  


We cannot thank you enough for your amazing support.  The past 18 months have been a trying time for all of us.  Your monetary support is greatly appreciated.  We are truly blessed to be in such a giving and caring community. As always, thank you for continuing to make Timber Trail the school “Where Hearts and Minds Connect.”


Michele Radke, Principal

What an amazing event!!!  The Timberwolf Trot was such a great success thanks to you and your student’s hard work.  The kids had so much fun Thursday running our loop!!  Thank you to all of our volunteers who made the event run so smoothly and cheered on all the students.  Also, thank you to all of the Timber Trail staff for your continued support and encouragement.

We raised a TOTAL of $46,695!!!  Exceeding our goal by $21,695!!!  The students will enjoy Kona Ice on Tuesday, October 26th during the last recess to celebrate reaching our school’s goal.

In addition, Team WardBrown raised the most funds during the Timberwolf Trot and will enjoy a Pizza Party on Monday, October 11th.  Below are the finally totals for all classes:

Hastings $2,815

Petau $4,150

Onken $1,840

Schade $3,470

Hess $3,295

Wilson $3,380

Jester $3,270

McCluskey $2,920

Pringle $4,440

Proctor $3,040

Smith $3,605

WardBrown $4,475

Williams $2,595

Finally, if your student raised $250 or more, they will enjoy Limo Lunch on Wednesday, October 12th during their regular lunch period.  If your student earned this prize you will have received an email informing you.  Please fill out the Limo Waiver and return to school by Tuesday 10/11.  Can’t find your waiver?  Go to the PTO site https://timbertrailparents.org/pto-events/timberwolf-trot/ and find it on the Timberwolf Trot page under the PTO Events drop down menu.

Thank you again for all your support for Timber Trail and the PTO.  We are a wonderful school because of all of our families!