Timber Trail Receives State Award

Timber Trail Receives State Award
John Irwin Award

We are so very pleased to share with you that Timber Trail has received the 'John Irwin Award' for 2018 from the Colorado Department of Education.

"The John Irwin awards are given to schools that demonstrate exceptional academic achievement over time. These schools received an Exceeds Expectations rating on the Academic Achievement indicator of the School Performance Frameworks reflecting exceptional performance in Math, English Language Arts, and Science."

TTE was one of 16 DCSD schools to receive the 'John Irwin Award' including four of our six RCHS feeder schools.  And a special shout-out to Rock Canyon High School who also received the 'High School Growth Award' and the 'Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award'. 

The ratings on the School Performance Framework are based on the Spring 2018 CMAS scores.  The scores we received on the assessments this year show the work and pride that our students and staff have for learning and instruction.  It takes a village to achieve this kind of success and we couldn't do it without our supportive families and community.  Thank you for making Timber Trail the school 'Where Hearts and Minds Connect'.