Weekly Updates


This week we will rewind and practice our mindfulness skills.  We can often have so many things going on at once it is difficult to focus on just one thing.  We will practice being mindful of just doing our work, just eating our lunch, just listening to a friend/teacher/speaker and other daily tasks that require mindfulness.  We will also practice our whole body listening where our eyes are on the speaker, our ears are listening to the speaker, our bodies are calm and in control. 

SEL Links

Mindfulness Makes Me Stronger Read Aloud

Mindful Mr. Sloth Read Aloud

What Does it Mean to Be Present? Read Aloud

The Lemonade Hurricane Read Aloud


FUNdations Unit 10 

In FUNdations this week we will begin unit 10! We will also continue our work on closed syllable words, information below on that 🙂This unit will cover the different endings of words (ing, ed) and we will also discuss that ed has three sounds!

/ed/ as in ended

/t/ as in blinked

/d/ as in grabbed

This unit will also cover vowel teams “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and says its name 🙂”








Review Trick Words

Unit 1: Review of letters and sounds

Unit 2: the, a, and, is his, of

Unit 3: as, has, to, into, we, be, he, she, me, for, or 

Unit 4: your, i, was, one, said

Unit 5: from, have, do, does

Unit 6: were, are, who, what, when, where, there, here

Unit 7: why, by, my, try, put, two, too, very, also, some, come

Unit 8: would, should, could, her, over, number

Unit 9: say, says

Unit 10: any, many, how, now, down

Trick Words of the Week





Thank you for your support with reading at home with your kiddo each night!  PLEASE make sure this book comes back each day in yoru kiddo’s SHARK folder.  We will work on reading and fluency one day and then comprehension the next and our group cannot run without the books :)

When your kiddo is done reading with you or to you:

Have them do a 5 finger retell!  It’s not just if your kiddo can read, it’s if they comprehend what they have read that will help then progress in their reading!  Below is a visual to help with these critical reading comprehension conversations at home!

Literacy Links

Anytime Links

Reading Strategies Posters


 This week we will continue work on our Expository/  Informative writing genre.  We are taking more time with this genre because there are so many different working parts to it and I want to make sure the kiddos feel confident in their writing abilities :) We will be working hard on this so that we can write our opinion piece for our Wall of Fame PBL.  Our day to day progress and examples will be updated as we go through the new writing process :)

We are focusing on what fact vs opinion is.  The kiddos learned that my opinion is that ranch AND ketchup belong on mac n’ cheese and the discussion on that was fun 🤣  We have been talking about how some opinions sound like facts and how some facts sound like opinions so wehave to think about the statements we make and process the ones we hear to nake the best decision of what it really is 🙂

Day One:

Make a circle map about something we like or an opinion we have.  For example we could make a circle map about favorite foods and add all the foods we love to it. 

Day Two:

Choosing one thing to write about and make an opinion on.  ______ is the best food! We will then work on a flee map to make a topic sentence with oour opinion and then share three reasons why it is the best!

Day Three:

Closing sentence and review of our flee map!


Topic 10: Use Models and Strategies to Add Tens

Topic 10 Home Letter




Skip counting

Number line

Open number line

Math Links

Weekly Skill Practice Online Games

Adding ten(s) to any number

Base Ten Fun

Adding Tens and Ones

Anytime Skill Practice

Math Fact Flash Cards Game (helps with typing practice and navigating the computer as well ) Start with level 1 addition and level 1 subtration

Teachly Addition and Subtraction great practice for addition and subtraction anytime!

One More Panda

One More One Less Fish

One More One Less Sheep

10 More 10 Less

10 More 10 Less Boxes

We are CRUSHING Math Fact Fluency Fridays!  Each Friday we will spend time building and mastering our math fact fluency!!  We will be taking a one and a half minute timed test each week! Each test is different for each kiddo and based off of their progress with math facts.  Once they complete 20/20 on one level they will move on to the next :)  Your kiddo will come home with their graded test each Friday.


First Grade Wall of Fame

We will begin our journey for this PBL by learning about notable people in history.  We will discuss their character traits that make them notable/famous/good…  We will then form an opinion on who we feel belongs on our Wall of Fame based off of what we have learned in our new writing genre and the people we have learned about in Social Studies :)

PBL Links
These are SOME of the Famous Americans we will be learning about but we are not limited to these names 🙂

Thomas Jefferson Video for Kids

Alexander Graham Bell Video for Kids

Hellen Keller Video for Kids

Martin Luther King Jr. Read Aloud

I Have a Dream Read Aloud

The Story Of Martin Luther King by Kid President Video


March 4: PTO Meeting 9:00 AM

March 11: OPTIONAL Conferences (More Information Coming Soon!) Conferences are OPTIONAL unless I schedule one with you.

March 18: Spring Break Week