Weekly Updates

This week we will be reviewing conflict management and techniques to calm down when we need to. We will also be reviewing being a buddy rather than a bully!


We will continue daily reading groups!  Please help us out by making sure your kiddo comes back to school each day with their book I send home!  This way we can continue to build our comprehension and fluency! 
FUNdations: Open syllable words with an s suffix. (ropes, kites, makes, cakes, dimes). We will be "scooping" the base word to identify the word that ends in e and then circling the s that makes it plural. 
Continue to read with your kiddo at home each night and encourage them to retell the story and connect to it.

This week we will write our last opinion piece from our writing unit.  Our opinion pieces have the following items in them:
Opening statement
Three supporting statements that are connecting sentences
Transition words (first, second, third, next, last, finally...)
Closing sentence  that restates our opening statement.  We get confused on this one and we remember that we can't just repeat our opening statement/sentence


Topic 11: Use models and strategies to subtract tens

Topic 11 Home Letter