Electronic Device Policy


We ask that students not bring cell phones to school. Students will be able to use school phones if they need to contact their parents. We understand that some parents may want their students to have a cell phone so they can call them when they are dropped off at their bus stop. In that case, the cell phone must stay in the backpack and powered off while on school property. If a student is accessing their phones during the day, the parent will be asked to pick it up in the office after school. Timber Trail cannot accept responsibility for lost, broken, or stolen phones.
SMARTWATCHES, FITNESS TRACKERS, GIZMOS, ELECTRONIC MUSIC DEVICES, and SMART TABLETS: Smartwatches, fitness trackers, Gizmos, electronic music devices, smart tablets, and personal computers are not allowed at school. This includes any device that can send or receive messages or calls. Please keep these items at home. We know that some students may need to bring in a device to participate in performance day when they have music. In that case, we ask that the student give the device to their classroom teacher to hold onto before and after music class. Thank you for your help and support.