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What we do

KidStage is a theatre and acting class for kids! The curriculum includes concentration, teamwork, improvisation, movement, voice, and basic theatre terminology. At the end of the class, KidStage kids will perform for peers and parents. All classes are taught by trained instructors, whose goal is to teach your child about the excitement of theatre, improve your child’s self-confidence, and provide a safe, fun, and interesting environment. KidStage will strengthen your child’s confidence as well as build teamwork, leadership, reading, and vocabulary!

Once a Week

Weds 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Feb 1  KidStage Class 
Feb 8  KidStage Class 
Feb 15  KidStage Class 
Feb 22  KidStage Class 
Mar 1  KidStage Class 
Mar 8  KidStage Class 
Mar 15  KidStage Class 
Mar 22  KidStage Class 
 TBD  Performance at 6:30pm

$185/per student

Enrollment & Class Size
The class size limit is 21 actors. Participants are selected on a first-come,
first-served basis. This class is appropriate for 1st – 5th graders.
Please note: Kids must take the time outside of class to memorize lines.

KidStage Website
- Go to Locations at the top and pick "Colorado"
- Click on "Courses" at the top
- Left click in the blank box and select Douglas County School District
- Schools are listed alphabetically

Questions? Contact:

Kimberly Boulton
[email protected]
(720) 532-4400

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