Weekly Learning Targets


Fables are short stories passed down from generations that tend to have animals as the main characters with human qualities, conflict/resolution, and a moral lesson. This week, as students read fables from Aesop, an Ancient Greek, they identified different elements to understand the moral. We also discussed the importance of being aware of the point of view within a text. 


The students have worked diligently to develop drafts for the fractured fairytale, including story elements organized into paragraphs with supporting details. This past week, most students were revising their drafts for coherence, organization, and simple and compound sentences, and editing them for grammar, mechanics, and spelling. 



This week, we continued to manipulate words containing a schwa. As shared previously, a schwa is an (unexpected) unaccented vowel sound, usually a short u or short i sound. For example, in the word salad, the first a says short a, but the second a says short i. Students need to understand how schwa works for spelling. In reading, students can decipher the word based on context. 



We began topic 11: Use operations with whole numbers to solve problems. Most lessons focused on using bar diagrams to solve multiplication and division real-world problems. First, bar diagrams encourage students to visually demonstrate and organize relevant information. Next, the diagrams allow students to compare sets of information to solve one and two-step real-world problems. This is a short chapter, but we will be testing on Wednesday, so the kids have time to complete the practice assessment. 


We continued to explore the life cycles of animals and plants. We have been comparing and contrasting the life cycles during this process, increasing our understanding of the stages, including birth, growth, reproduction, and death. Students worked in partners to research the life cycle of an animal and presented it to the class. They also did a simulation to understand how and why pollination occurs. As a result, they learned that some plants grow flowers and fruit.


During our Pack PRIDE lessons, we focused on managing stress while taking a test. Previously, we discussed the importance of using different strategies to calm our bodies and minds when experiencing a stressful situation. For many, test-taking can bring anxiety, preventing the mind from performing. The uneasy feelings will decrease by identifying and utilizing different strategies. We discussed calming strategies, including body pressure, belly breathing, body sensation, heart meditation, mindfulness, and progressive body relaxation.