15-17th November 2022 World Stack Up day!

Timber Trail Kiddos have helped to set a new world record on Stack Up 2022!
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Stack Up
TTES joined the annual global sport stacking event on 17th November 2022. 
STACK UP!  began in 2006:  the goal of STACK UP is to have the largest number of persons stacking on the same day. In 2006, stackers established the first Guinness World record of 82,225 participating stackers across the globe ! Since then, the number of participating stackers has continued to increase, records have been set and upset,  and more countries participate each year during PE class or after school stacking clubs. The 2022 record to beat  is 650,000 + stackers across the globe ! To date 18 countries have signed up to take part in 2022 STACK UP: from the USA to Canada, to Asia including countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, to down under Australia to several countries in Europe ! All students at Timber Trail  ES  participated in this special event during Art-Music-PE lessons on Thursday November 17th. Children were presented with a participation stacker  and partcipation certificate that verifies their participation on a new World Record!