Weekly Updates

This week we will be working on goal setting.  We will set goals in our school life and in our personal life.  We will practice reflecting upon our work and our efforts too!  Ask your kiddo what their goal is and celebrate when they make progress towards it at home :)


We will continue making great progress in reading groups! It is so fun to see the kiddos blossoming this time of year!  We are all readers!  Our FUNdations skills this week will be working on r controlled vowels (er, ir, ur) and blends  sp, st, fl, gl, ...).We talk about how we can still hear the two sounds the letters originally made in blends, but when they are r controlled all we hear is the r sound.  We make the movement of a car driving and screech "rrrrrrrr" like we just hit the breaks :)

Continue to read with your kiddo at home each night and encourage them to retell the story and connect to it.

This week we will be working on opinion writing.  More information will be added to our website as we work though our learning together :)


Topic 7: Extending the counting sequence  

Topic 7 Home Letter

We will begin learning about notable people in history!  We will be kicking it off with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and take it from there!  We will be diving deep into character traits of these notable people as well. 


No School 1/16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day