Weekly Updates

This week we will be working on learning how to self regulate.  Often times we can be faced with big e motions and small too.  We get in a state where we don't know how to move past these situations. We will discuss that it is okay to have big emotions and how to handle them. Below are some of the techniques we will be using:
Belly Breathing
Roller Coaster Breaths
Body Scans
Practicing being mindful


We will continue making great progress in reading groups! It is so fun to see the kiddos blossoming this time of year!  We are all readers!  Our FUNdations skills this week will be working on glued sounds (ing, ang, ong, ung, ink, ank, onk, unk). We will be adding the suffix s to them as well.

Continue to read with your kiddo at home each night and encourage them to retell the story and connect to it.

This week we will be working on narrative writing.  We will be working with a flee map where we have an opening sentence three body sentences and a closing sentence. 


Topic 6:Represent and Interpret Data
Topic 6 Home Letter


We will be diving into our around the table around the world PBL! 

We will learn about Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas as holidays rich in family tradition. We will compare and contrast holidays, with the goals of encouraging respect for others while honoring the family as our most important societal connection.  We will embrace the hustle and bustle, the anticipation and excitement.  We will look for patterns in the busy world around us.  One such pattern is to show appreciation for our blessings by sharing with others, especially those in need!  Questions of faith will be celebrated as just that, and children will be encouraged to take those questions home to mom and dad, their most important cultural guides.


Winter Holiday Party December 16 at 2:00!

Winter Holiday Party Invite