Weekly Updates


This week we will be focusing on learning what peer pressure is and how to handle it.  We will be discussing the positive and negative types of peer pressure. 

SEL Links

Handling Peer Pressure Video

Just Be Yourself Video about Peer Pressure

Anti-Bullying Peer Pressure Video for Kids

You Should, You Should! Read Aloud


FUNdations Unit 13

In FUNdations this week we are working unit 13: word endings s/es, ed, ing

Review Trick Words

Unit 1: Review of letters and sounds

Unit 2: the, a, and, is his, of

Unit 3: as, has, to, into, we, be, he, she, me, for, or 

Unit 4: your, i, was, one, said

Unit 5: from, have, do, does

Unit 6: were, are, who, what, when, where, there, here

Unit 7: why, by, my, try, put, two, too, very, also, some, come

Unit 8: would, should, could, her, over, number

Unit 9: say, says

Unit 10: any, many, how, now, down, out, about, our

Unit 11: friend, other, another, none, nothing, friend, other, another

Unit 12: people, month, little, been, own, want, Mr. Mrs.

Unit 13: no review words this week

Trick Words of the Week





Thank you for your support with reading at home with your kiddo each night!  PLEASE make sure this book comes back each day in yoru kiddo’s SHARK folder.  We will work on reading and fluency one day and then comprehension the next and our group cannot run without the books :)

When your kiddo is done reading with you or to you:

Have them do a 5 finger retell!  It’s not just if your kiddo can read, it’s if they comprehend what they have read that will help then progress in their reading!  Below is a visual to help with these critical reading comprehension conversations at home!

Literacy Links

Anytime Links

Reading Strategies Posters




Topic 14: Reason With Shapes and Their Attributes

Topic 14 Home Letter






3-d shapes

3 dimensional

2-d shapes

2 dimensional




Flat surfaces




Rectangular prism




Math Links

Weekly Skill Practice Online Games

Monster Mansion Shape Match

Shapes! Geometry and Symmetry 

Shape Games

I Know it Shape ID Game

LOTS of shape games to choose from here

Anytime Skill Practice

Math Fact Flash Cards Game (helps with typing practice and navigating the computer as well ) Start with level 1 addition and level 1 subtration

Teachly Addition and Subtraction great practice for addition and subtraction anytime!

One More Panda

One More One Less Fish

One More One Less Sheep

10 More 10 Less

10 More 10 Less Boxes

We are CRUSHING Math Fact Fluency Fridays!  Each Friday we will spend time building and mastering our math fact fluency!!  We will be taking a one and a half minute timed test each week! Each test is different for each kiddo and based off of their progress with math facts.  Once they complete 20/20 on one level they will move on to the next :)  Your kiddo will come home with their graded test each Friday.


Once Upon a First Grade Year!

This week we will be working hard on learning the elements of a fairy tale which are shown below.  We will also be practing our Reader’s Theater Fairy Tale Scripts to show off our fluency for you on May 3, 2024 at 1:45 in our classroom!

Fairy Tale Elements

Once upon a time




Numbers 3 or 7



Happily ever after


These are some fun different spins off of the fairy tales we are used to :)

Kate and the Beanstalk read aloud

Honestly, Red Riding Hood was Rotten read aloud

Seriously, Cinderella is so Annoying read aloud

Seriously Snow White is so Forgetful read aloud

Goatilocks and the Three Bears read aloud

Ninjabread Man read aloud

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs read aloud

The Fairy Dogmother read aloud

GoldiROCKS and the Three Bears read aloud


April 17: Page to Stage Performance (Students Only)

April 19: No School COMP DAY

April 25: Zoo Mobile Presentation (Students Only)

 Please log into your MySchoolBucks account to pay the $8.00 fee required to have them attend by Monday, 4/22.

April 26: No School Professional Develpment Day

April 29: Staff Appreciation Week

May 3: Once Upon a First Grade Year Reader’s Theater Performances @ 1:45pm (ALL invited) click on the picture below 🙂

May 7: FIELD DAY!  More Info Coming Soon 🙂