Weekly Updates


This week in SEL, we will begin our journey into learning more about the different learning styles and what best suits us. We will be learning about the following learning styles to better determine our strengths as a learner and a person:

Linguistic Learner

Linguistic learners are learners who are attracted to words both spoken and written. 

Enjoy vocabulary

Love reading and writing

Tend to ask more questions

Enjoy talking about their experiences and processing 

Spatial Learner

Spatial learners are learners who are strong with visualizing
Enjoy puzzles

Enjoy interpreting information from pictures

Prefer an alternatives to step-by-step directions

Recognize patterns easily

Enjoy drawing, painting and the visual arts


Bodily Kinesthetic Learner

Bodily Kinesthetic learners are learners who are shakers and movers

Enjoy dance and movement

Prefer doing rather than just listening

Enjoy problem solving by doing

Like to be active in group discussions and learning activities

Musical Learner

Musical learners are those who can learn through music and related activities

The enjoy chants and song

They tap to rhythm

They study and learn with music in the background

Learn from songs, chants, or mnemonic devices


Below are some resources for home that you can look at with your kiddo or that your kiddo can explore on their own :)  All are OPTIONAL!

Read Alouds

What Makes Us Unique? By Jillian Roberts

It’s OK to be Different By Sharon Purtill

Donuts: The Hole Story By David Miles


In FUNdations this week we will begin our work on Unit 3: Digraphy words (ch, sh, th, wh, ck) Below is a picture of how we tap out our digraphs 🙂

wh, whistle, /wh/(sound)

ch, chin, /ch/ (sound)

sh, ship, /sh/ (sound)

th, thumb, /th/ (sound)

ck, sock, /ck/? (sound)

Review Trick Words

Unit 1: the, a, and, is, his, of

Unit 2: the, a, and, is his, of, as, has, to, into 

Trick Words of the Week





Thank you for your support with reading at home with your kiddo each night!  PLEASE make sure this book comes back each day in yoru kiddo’s SHARK folder.  We will work on reading and fluency one day and then comprehension the next and our group cannot run without the books :)


 We are working on Level 2 of Observational Comment Writing.  We will be in week in our third and final week this week. Below is an example of our writing last week. This week will be the same process just a different topic! We are getting so good at coming up with items to put in our circle map and then narrowing them down to our two BEST words for our final written piece!

Day One:

We write as a group!  First we make our circle map, transfer that to a tree map and then tap our our sentences.  This week we are adding more to each connecting word and we are also using the word and to make combined sentences. We are also using pronouns to create varied sentences that start different and provide more of a flow when we read our writing!

Day Two:

We regroup and I display the completed tree map and the kiddos write the sentences independently.  We take time to make sure that each sentence has our topic and our connecting words as well as the word and to combine ideas

Day Three:

We are independent writers!  I display the circle map.  They kiddos use a blank tree map to transfer the information and then tap out and write their sentences!


Topic 3: Addition Facts to 20

Topic 3 Home Letter


Open number line

Doubles plus facts

Make 10

Please start to work with your kiddos on fact family quick recall!  Give them two numbers to add and then have them do the flip flop, and then the subtraction problems for it.  





Please work on addition and subtraction facts within 10, the flash card game below helps or you can just orally say them while driving or passing time and have them come up with their lightning quick answer :)  This will help with ALL of our math units from here on out :)


PBL: We’re Going Places!

We will beginning our mapping unit!  Below are key targets we will be learning:

Map Key


Cardinal Directions

Compass Rose




We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day on Tuesday, September 26 in the classroom!  Please send your kiddo to school with one apple PEELED, CORED, and CHOPPED :) Thank you!


Fall Celebrations AKA Parent Teacher Conferences start next week!  Please use the link below to sign up for a time and date if you have not already!  Remember to add in the comment if you would like an in person conference or a video conference please 🙂

Booton Fall Celebrations Sign Up

Literacy Links

Anytime Links

Reading Strategies Posters

Weekly Online Read Aloud Links

Weekly Literacy Game Links

Weekly Skill Practice Links

Math Links

This Week’s Topic Practice

Line Jumper (great practice for learning how to use and continue using numberlines to add or subtract)

Doubles Pirates (practie for doubles addition)

Adding Doubles

Double Fact Racing Game


Anytime Skill Practice

Math Fact Flash Cards Game (helps with typing practice and navigating the computer as well ) Start with level 1 addition and level 1 subtration

Teachly Addition and Subtraction great practice for addition and subtraction anytime!

Other Links


Me on the Map By Joan Sweeney

Where do I Live by Neil Cheasnow

Follow That Map! By Scot Ritchie

Apples and Johnny Appleseed

Who was Johnny Appleseed?  Facts for kiddos video

Johnny Appleseed Read Aloud

The Science of Fall Video for kiddos

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn Read Aloud

Autumn Leaves Read Aloud

This Weeks Topic Links

How Kindness Spreads Kid President Video

A Little Spot of Kindness Read Aloud

The Kind Koala Read Aloud

Anytime Links

 Here is a LINK to our SEL links that will be added to all year long!