Weekly Learning Targets

Learning Targets for the Week of 9/19

We are finishing up our expository text set on landforms and landmarks. Our main focus this week is on identifying the central, or main idea, and supporting details. We are also working on making connections between two different texts to better understand a topic or idea. 

The students have finished their writing plan (flee map) about their favorite birthdays and are now using these plans to write a 5-paragraph piece. Our main focus this week is how to incorporate exciting adjectives and vivid verbs into our writing. This will paint a clearer picture for our readers and keep them more engaged with our writing. We are also working on the long /o/ spelling patterns.

The students are working on understanding the concept of multiplication and how to solve basic multiplication facts using patterns and the distributive property. We will also be learning about the associative property, which states that you can change the grouping of factors and still get the same product. The best way to support your child at home is to have them practice their basic multiplication facts using an app, flashcards, practice sheets, or anything similar.

This week, the students have learned about 3 different types of communities- urban, suburban, and rural. The rest of the week will be spent on understanding and identifying cultural characteristics within a community.

Learning Targets for the Week of 9/12

We are starting a new text set this week, with our essential question being "How do landmarks help us understand our country's history?" All three texts in this set are nonfiction. Our main focus this week will be on finding the central, or main, idea of a text and identifying relevant details. We will also be using nonfiction text features to enhance our understanding of the text as well as asking and answering questions while reading.  The students will also be using context clues (synonyms, antonyms, and examples) to determine the meaning of unknown words.

We are beginning a new personal narrative piece this week, which will be graded and sent home next week. One of our writing targets this week will focus on using good word choice in our writing. We will be adding descriptive adjectives and adverbs to help our readers better understand our ideas.  We will also be working on incorporating different sentence structures in our writing, such as compound sentences. 

We will start topic 3 on Wednesday, which focuses on the properties of x3, x4, x6, x7, and x8 facts. This week, the students will learn about the distributive property, which states that multiplication equations can be broken apart into two other multiplication facts. The best way to support your child in math is to have them practice their basic multiplication facts at home using flashcards, apps, or anything similar.

This week, we will complete our study of physical characteristics of communities. The students will learn about landforms and bodies of water and how these characteristics affect communities. We will also compare and contrast two different U.S. cities and learn how people adapt to the specific physical characteristics in their communities.

Learning Targets for the Week of 9/6

We just started a new whole group text today called Yoon and the Jade Bracelet. We will work on this text for a couple of days, focussing on character development, character perspective, visualizing, and inferring. Our vocabulary words are the same as last week: celebrate, courage, disappointment, precious, pride, remind, symbols, and tradition. Our class will also continue our study of using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words.

The students are doing a terrific job with their first multiple paragraph, personal narrative piece. They are using their flee maps (writing plan) to keep their writing organized, focused, and full of interesting details. We have really been working on using description to make our readers feel our emotions. The students have also been identifying and writing sentences that include compound subjects and compound predicates

Our current math topic is on multiplication and the patterns found within basic facts. Our focus has been on x0, x1, x2, x5, x9, and x10. We will also be using bar graphs this week to solve multiplication problems. We will start reviewing this topic at the end of the week and into the beginning of next week. Our topic 2 assessment will be sometime next week, with a specific date coming soon. The best way to support your child with this topic and our future multiplication topics is to have them practice these basic multiplication facts at homeFlashcards, apps, and practice sheets are all great ways for the students to practice!

This week, we are focusing on how physical characteristics affect communities and the people within them. We will learn about different landforms and the different bodies of water and complete the geography lapbook that we have been working on.

Learning Targets for the Week of 8/29

Our essential question this week in Wonders is "What can traditions teach you about cultures?" All of our texts this week will be realistic fiction. We will focus on identifying story elements and understanding character development and perspective. We will also work on using the author's description to create visualizations in our mind. Our vocabulary words for the next two weeks are: celebrate, disappointment, pride, symbol, courage, precious, remind, and tradition.

We will continue with our study of personal narratives. The students just finished their first piece on how they get ready for school. This writing was a single paragraph, but most of our writing in third grade will be multiple paragraphs. We really took our time with this first piece, so the students would have a strong understanding of what a well-organized paragraph entails. We will start a new personal narrative on Tuesday and focus on adding details to make our readers feel our emotions. Our class will also work on sentence structures this week and how to fix fragments and run-on sentences.

Our class is starting Topic 2 in enVision. This topic covers multiplication using 0, 1, 2, 5, 9, and 10 as factors. We will use various strategies such as skip counting and pattern recognition to solve basic multiplication equations. Moving forward, the students will take a pretest at the beginning of each math topic, which will help create groups and guide instruction.

We are continuing our study of geography and communities. This week, the students will learn about physical and political maps and their purposes. They will also take a close look at different communities and physical characteristics within different regions of The United States. We will end the week by learning about how people adapt to the physical characteristics in their community,

We have P.E. this week. Please remind your child to bring/wear their tennis shoes.

The students will start their iReady Reading Diagnostic this week. This assessment will be split up over three or four days.

Learning Targets for the Week of 8/22

This week, we will finish our first text set (3 group texts in each set) in our new Wonders curriculum and continue practicing using text evidence to support our thinking. Our class will also work on recognizing chronological events in a story by looking for signal words.

Our class will review and learn more about personal narratives this week and how they are planned and structured. To plan our writing, we will start with a circle map and then take our best ideas to a flee map. The students will use their flee maps to write a well-organized paragraph with an introduction, events and details, and a conclusion. Our class will also work on adding adjectives to make our writing more descriptive.
We will continue with our topic on using various strategies to multiply and divide. We will spend the first few days this week reviewing the concepts that we have learned and will take the topic 1 assessment on Thursday. The students will bring home their math workbooks on Wednesday so they can review the assessment practice.

Social Studies: 
We will continue our focus on geography and communities. Specifically, we will study the geography of The United States, different types of maps and their purposes, and physical characteristics of communities.

Important Information:
We will start our iReady Math testing on Wednesday of this week, with our iReady Reading assessment next week. Both of these assessments will be split up over multiple days.

We have P.E. the week of August 29. Please remind your child to wear/bring their tennis shoes next week.