This week in music!


This week in kindergarten, the students will learn a new dance, exploring steady beat as well as form. We will be focusing on high versus low sounds through an activity where the students get to be tortoises and ballerinas! We will play a new game that exposes the students to different types of classical music, and it involves a very fun chicken!

First Grade

In first grade, the students will be exploring steady beat through various singing games. They will also be learning two brand new dances as well as five new songs. The students will also perform a movement activity in which they get to be elves that destroy an art studio (...sorry Dr.Draper!) Finally, the students will play various rhythms on drums and rhythm sticks through the poison rhythm game!

Second Grade

In second grade this week, the students will learn two new dances. The focus of the week is on form, and the students will create and perform choreography to an ABA song and then compose their own piece! On Wednesday, the students will learn about half notes through a very catching song called bickle bockle! The students will also use parachutes to explore the form of well known songs. They will learn various games to dive into form as well.

Third Grade

This week, the third graders will learn two new dances. One is a waltz, which introduces the students to ¾ time signatures! The students will learn ‘formal’ counting and practice that through games! They will explore pentatonic improvisation through a very exciting game. Finally, they will play a counting game and learn a body percussion piece.

Fourth Grade

The focus of this week in fourth grade is form. The students will create their own choreography to explore form. They will then expand upon that by utilizing parachutes to show the form of well known songs. Finally, they will compose their own piece utilizing ABA form. The students will also learn two new dances this week. They will also learn G on ukulele!

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade this week, the students will be focusing on improvisation. They will learn a game that follows a book, which utilizes improvisation in a pentatonic key on given rhythms. They will also learn two new dances this week as well as G on ukulele!