Letter from the Principal

Our mission and vision at Timber Trail is to provide our students with the education, skills, and resources they will need to be happy, curious, and engaged life-long learners. The world changes at a rapid rate. Our students today will have an average of 16 jobs over their lifetimes, most of which have yet to be invented or created. No longer are teachers the dispensers of facts or knowledge. Our charge is to teach students how to think critically, be creative, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively. In short, how to think and solve problems. Our approach to education can not be the way it was when you and I attended school. In fact, it can’t even be the same as it was last year. In addition, we look at educating the whole child, hence our motto “Timber Trail, Where Hearts and Minds Connect”. We truly believe and live this mission every day. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s educational career.

Michele Radke