Weekly Learning Targets


This week in reading, our essential question has been, how do landmarks help us understand our country’s story? We read two argumentative pieces, “America’s Landmarks and Memorials” and “Preserve and Protect.” While reading, we continued to work on asking and answering questions, along with understanding the central idea. 


This week we discussed the importance and purpose of peer feedback. The kids worked on providing specific, positive, and helpful feedback. We used a protocol called two stars, and 1 wish to help us think more deeply about the feedback we gave. Besides giving feedback, we discussed how to accept feedback and the next steps.


Along with peer editing, the kids used their highlighters to help detect three different areas. They used their green highlighter to check for capitalization, pink highlighter for punctuation, and yellow highlighter for adjectives. They were also encouraged to reread their story individually.    


This week we began Unit 3, which focuses on applying properties for multiplication facts 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8. We started by understanding what distributive property means. It refers to breaking a multiplication fact into the sum of two other multiplication facts. To help us understand this strategy, we used arrays and counters. For many, this made solving the multiplication facts more manageable as they could see the relationship between the different facts. For example, when completing multiplication facts for 3s, we can use 2s and 1s facts to break the problem down.  See the example below. 

Social Studies

Students learned how communities meet the needs of the people who live there and how people/citizens influence the culture of a community. We also learned about cultural celebrations and how they usually include the history, music, dance, songs, foods, and other customs and traditions of that culture. 


During Pack PRIDE, we continued to learn about eight different strengths/abilities. Our focus was on the following abilities: musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist. Based on the information shared and questions answered, the kids recorded how they felt about each strength individually. We discussed how awareness of our strengths and weaknesses could help us grow. However, it is also essential that we begin to notice the abilities of others to gain a better understanding and appreciation for their strengths.